Workers Cottage Grid
Workers Cottage Grid

The Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative celebrates this housing style, seeking to preserve the unique features of these houses, protect them from demolition, and continue their use and reuse for the next century.

What is a workers cottage

About the Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative

Join our effort to preserve this valuable housing type

Cottage News

Cottage News

News and updates from the Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative

What is a workers cottage

What is a Workers Cottage?

How to identify a Chicago workers cottage

Two Flat

Cottage-Style Two-Flats

A closely-related building type

WC History

History of a Vernacular Style

The origins of the workers cottage


A Grocery in the Basement

History of a cottage in Little Village

LS Cottage

The House That Tyko Built

History of a cottage on the edge of Logan Square

Belden Cottages

Two Rhine St Cottages

Twin houses which went separate ways


Preserving Endangered Houses

A plea against demolition


Zoning for Workers Cottages

Changing the economics toward preservation


Analyzing Teardowns of Workers Cottages

Lost affordable housing in Avondale and Logan Square


Surveying Workers Cottages

A pilot study of housing types in Logan Square

Reuse Cottage Stairs

Adapting for the Next Century

Remodelling and renovating workers cottages