McKinley Park Survey
McKinley Park Survey


How many workers cottages are there?

Looking at county tax assessment data, there are about 57,000 houses which are the same age and size as workers cottages. Because county data does not identify houses by type, the actual number may be slightly higher or lower, but it is likely that most of these houses are workers cottages.

Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative

GIS map courtesy Jason Tinkey

To gather more-detailed information on areas of high concentrations of cottages, the Chicago Workers Cottage Initiative partnered with classes from the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Chicago to conduct several field studies gathering data about cottages in a variety of areas of the city.


South Chicago Cottages

A survey of houses surviving against disinvestment


McKinley Park Cottages

A survey of a house type that makes up a third of the neighborhood


Logan Square Workers Cottages

A pilot study of housing types in Logan Square